Track our progress as we build food systems for the future!


Nov ’17: Larry Brown designs the interior finishings for the greenhouse


Nov ’17: Construction


Nov ’17: Framework in place with a lovely view of downtown


Dec ’17: Fully enclosed greenhouse with side vents and interior walls


Feb ’18: Roofing, siding, fans, and fogger system all installed


April ’18: We have electricity!


April ’18: The view from Los Chingones


May ’18: Future home to over 40 raised beds and event space for farm to table events!


June ’18: Finding creative ways to get the towers into the greenhouse without an elevator


June ’18: Tower #1


June ’18: The whole team gets together for the first time. From left to right, Brian Adams, Sally Herbert, Erin Sullivan, Jeff Olson, Ethan Page, and Don Dwyer.


June ’18: Volunteers help assemble pumps for the towers


June ’18: Ethan works on the Dosatron, our nutrient mixer


July ’18: Foggers up and running! Magical.


August ’18: Denver skyline with towers in place


August ’18: Evening light in the ‘house


August ’18: Sunset over the greenhouse


September ’18: First seeds planted


September ’18: Seedlings!


October ’18: First seedlings transplanted to towers


October ’18: An arugula baby recently transplanted


October ’18: First harvest and orders