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Higher Ground

Altius is Latin for higher. Higher taste, sustainability and production, comes from better farming. Altius Farms’ mission is to build stable and lasting farms that produce beautiful greens and produce, locally grown, year round. We are the highest (elevation), vertical aeroponic, farm in the US and one of the largest. Our farms serve as OJT sites for Veterans and urban youth. Our Denver flagship farm offers periodic urban AG tours and special events in our outdoor garden.


SPARK Development with Altius Greenhouse


Our clients and customers include: restaurants, food service, markets and residents. In Colorado, demand for “locally grown” far exceeds supply as 97% of leafy greens, consumed annually, are imported from out of state (California, Arizona).

We produce our produce with patented, vertical aeroponics which uses only 10% of the land, 5% of the water and delivers 10 times the yield (in one harvest). We harvest every 25-30 days. We take local food production to higher ground.


Altius Farms delivers great local taste (year round) for restaurants, food service, markets and residents. Our produce is non-GMO and chemical pesticide-free. We can customize our crops, for you, and provide consistency, continuity and capacity.


It’s difficult to buy local greens year-round, as very few local farms have that ability. Altius Farms provides a dependable, year-round supply that offers culinary, health, environmental and economic benefits.



Green greenhouse growing elevates healthy plant growth and minimizes risks (weather, pests, disease, etc). Stewardship of natural resources and risk management are central to better farming.



Scaling hyper local food production to meet demand must occur to be transformative in urban agriculture. Altius Farms can deliver at scale thanks our a 10x production advantage in leafy greens.


Better Local

HUMAN health: Eating more fresh, clean, hyper-local food equals a healthier community.

ENVIRONMENTAL benefits: Clean and sustainable operation stewards natural resources.

ECONOMIC impact: Produce new “green” jobs that deliver a 3x local dollar multiplier.

COMMUNITY engagement: Urban AG training, residential gardening: Tower Gardens, outdoor garden events, community gardening, community supported agriculture (CSA), educational tours…

Modern Farming

Vertical aeroponics vs. Traditional farming?

5% of the water

10% of the land

10x the yield

Altius Farms integrates multiple “green” technologies which put us at the forefront of modern agriculture in growing beautiful, leafy greens and herbs.  Our goal is to scale local, nationally.

  • Consistency (crops) via patented, vertical aeroponics (analysis).
  • Continuity (climate) via Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).
  • Capacity (clientsvia higher production, at scale.




TRAIN VeteransVeterans to Farmers (501c3) is our Veteran education and training partner. Veterans to Farmers provides training in Closed Environment Agriculture and conventional farming methods to our nations veterans. Onsite, at Altius Farms, we offer education, internships, co-op farming, and veteran training via Veterans to Farmers. The mission of Veterans to Farmers is to train veterans in agricultural systems, technologies, and business operations for a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.


Train Veterans


EMPOWER CommunityResidential gardening, school gardens and educational tours and events.

  • Tower Gardens offer a simple and easy way to grow your own beautiful greens. Created for residential use, Tower Gardens are the fastest growing gardening system in the U.S.
  • School gardens: See how Tower Gardens enable kids and schools.
  • Tours & Events: Stay tuned (Email us to be connected).


Child with tower gardens


PARTNER With Us: We opened our flagship greenhouse in August 2018, at the S*Park development in Denver. We invite you to connect with us and learn more:

Triple Bottom Line

Altius Farms delivers healthier food, reduces environmental impact, and elevates the local economy. We serve people, planet, and profit.

You have to work really hard to keep your thinking clean and to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because when you get there you can move mountains.


America is dead last in green house growing among industrialized nations. Communities need to understand that growing local food supply is Econ Dev 101.


The challenges we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.


Quality costs more!

WALTER ROBB, Whole Foods Founder