Hyper-Local Greens

Denver’s most delicious greens and produce

Our mission is to build stable and lasting farms that produce beautiful greens and produce, locally grown, year round.

Brassica Mix

A cut assortment of baby brassicas, Asian greens, and mustards perfect for braising or fresh salads.

Wildfire Mix

A colorful blend of our head lettuces cut and mixed. Includes oakleaf, frilled, romaine, and Bibb lettuces.

Farmer’s Choice Mix

A cut mix of farmer’s choice lettuces and greens – changes daily for an exciting menu item.

Genovese Basil

Classic, tender basil with a bold flavor and vibrant color.

Astro Arugula

Herbaceous, peppery flavor with hints of nuts and mustard.

Green Butter

Large, soft green leaves perfect for wraps, beds, etc.

Red Butter

Soft, delicate leaves with red to green color transition and a delicate, buttery flavor.

Red Oak

Lobed deep red leaves on a full head.

Lollo Rosso

Heavily frilled green leaves with pink tips.

Romaine, Green

A large, green romaine.


Bright, crisp leaves with a sweet flavor and frilled edges.


A wide selection of microgreen varieties are available for ordering. Contact us directly for for more information.

Live Root Heads

Our head lettuces are also available live on root, which can keep them fresh longer! Live root heads can be purchased individually, contact us for more info.

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