About Altius Farms

Triple Bottom Line

Altius Farms delivers healthier food, reduces environmental impact, and elevates the local economy. Our team of committed growers takes pride in bringing the highest quality produce to the Denver area community.

Meet the team

Sally Herbert headshot

Sally Herbert

Founder & CEO

Passion for seeing urban farming incorporated into communities for a sustainable future. Former President of GS1. 13-year AF Reserves and Veteran of Desert Storm.

Matthias Krainz

Greenhouse Operations Manager

Former artisan meat producer drawn to urban farming by a desire to increase food accessibility via the expansion of local food systems.

Laura Diggs headshot

Laura Diggs

CSA Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Passionate environmentalist with a desire to increase food access in Denver.

Morgan Stamm

Sales Manager

Former cannabis marketing professional that has shifted her interest and focus towards farming, sustainability and composting.

Casey Baumgartner headshot

Casey Baumgartner

Outdoor Farm Manager & Greenhouse Operations

Farmer interested in innovative growing techniques to help feed our growing community.

Oliver Fulton headshot

Oliver Fulton

Greenhouse Operations

Pursuing a masters degree in horticulture at CSU committed to advancing controlled environment horticulture in urban communities.

Brian Rapport

Greenhouse Operations

Avid adventurer fascinated with controlled environment horticulture. Passionate about creating a more sustainable and accessible food system.

Carson Blocker

Greenhouse Operations

Environmental Sciences student currently pursuing his degree, hoping to be involved in the movement towards a more sustainable future in agriculture.

Shae Fres

Greenhouse Operations

Student of MSU’s integrative healthcare program with reverence for community and enthusiasm for food security.

Elana Fisher

Greenhouse Operations

Recent graduate and environmentalist with a passion for sustainable food production and enhanced urban food access.

Empowering veterans

We’ve partnered with Veterans to Farmers to provide veterans opportunities to work in Closed Environment Agriculture. Altius Farms offers education, internships, co-op farming, and training to help our nation’s finest build a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

Altius Farms employs ecologically-conscious technologies that put us at the forefront of modern agriculture while growing beautiful, leafy greens and herbs.  Our goal is to scale local, nationally. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Consistency (crops) via patented, vertical aeroponics (analysis).
  • Continuity (climate) via Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).
  • Capacity (clients) via higher production, at scale.