Q4 2017 – Construction began

Q4 2018 – First harvest

Q1 2019 – Full operations


Tried and proven in logistics, agriculture and health food.

Sally Herbert

Sally Herbert

Co-founder and CEO

Former President & CEO of GS1

13 years in USAF Reserves; service during Desert Storm

Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson


Co-founder of Well Nourished Worldwide

Wall Street and technology careers

Ethan Page

Ethan Page

Farm Manager

Former soil-based farmer and raised bed gardener


MS in Environmental Science & Ag


Brian Adams

Brian Adams

Assistant Grower and Account Manager

Started work in the culinary field at the age of 16


6 years of service in the US Army


Veterans to Farmers alumni

Olivia Mandonado

Olivia Mandonado

Assistant Grower

Colorado Native who’s mission is to provide communities easy accessibility to healthy, local produce

Community Partners

Amalgamated Bank

Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network

Callahan Electric

Chair10 Consulting

Constructors, Inc.

Denver County

Denver Office of Economic Development

First Bank

Juice PLUS+ Company

Metro State University

Nexus Corp

Spectra Grow

Veterans to Farmers

Wadsworth Control Systems

Westfield Company, Inc.


…And all our volunteers! Thank you!


Scaling local:  Around 40% of America’s annual fruit & vegetable consumption was grown locally during WWII.  The Victory Gardens of WWII were a shining example of local food production by citizens. Seventy years later, a modern day Victory Gardens sequel is occurring through greenhouse farming.  View this compelling TED talk and listen to the Colorado Public Radio interview. Co-founder Jeff Olson’s Ted Talk provides an introduction to the mission of Altius Farms.
Social Venture Community

Local Food Demand

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Water Issues

Drought: Summer 2015

US Drought 2015

Vertical Farming